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powerdesigner db2 z/Os dbms cannot handle variables


We are using powerdesigner 16.6.9 and while trying to create alter scripts we use something like :

opt.ReverseSchema =xxxxxx 'schema user object

opt.ReverseCatalog = xxxxx 'db name string

model.ModifyDatabase generationObjects 'generationObjects is a selection which has table and tablespace objects.

in our extension. when we open database trace and run our script, while in dbms sqlListQuery for tablespace is :

"select dbname, name, case when type = 'O' then 'lob' else '' end from sysibm.systablespace where implicit='N' [and dbname=%.q:CATALOG%] order by name"

we see it like [and dbname=%.q:CATALOG%] is not there, and it tries to reverse all of the tablespaces in our systems.

how can we set %.q:CATALOG% variable in our script?

moreover, when i add [and dbname=%.q:SCHEMA%] to our tablespace sqllist query, again it is not shown in the trace, however I can see the variable when I use it in table sqllist query.


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