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Dec 03, 2019 at 03:40 PM

Dynamic determination of RFC destination client based on the source client


Dear Community,

Our system landscape is a HUB deployment and our landscape is a multiclient environment where each client in the Front end system(FES)/Gateway system has a dedicated client in the Backend system(BES), i.e. 1: 1 mapping between the clients of FES and BES system. Therefore, we need one RFC connection per client in the FES pointing to the BES.

I would like to know, is there any possibility, where we create just one RFC connection and leave the client field empty, and the destination system client should be dynamically determined based on the source client? For example, if the request is coming from the FES system client 100, the RFC connection should connect to the client 100 of BES.

As per the standard system behavior, when the client is not maintained in the RFC connection, the default client maintained in the system parameter: login/system_client of T-Code : RZ10 is used, but we want to determine the destination client dynamically based on the source client and not the static client maintained in the system parameter.

Since we work with many clients, we would like to reduce maintenance efforts by maintaining only one RFC connection.