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Dec 04, 2019 at 08:32 AM

Crystal for WPF printing landscape simple solution easy for you to code.


According to an old post, the issue with Printing using Crystal for WPF from the viewer gives the following answer.

The WPF viewer by default uses the PrintToPrinter() which calls the generic Windows Framework to print the report, no option to alter the orientation. It's as is and no plans to ever change this basic functionality.

From what I can see this is still a problem for many people. Even the latest version incorrectly prints all of our reports in portrait mode even though the reports are set to landscape. Even the print options say landscape and the report prints portrait.

Here is a simple solution to this problem that would take even a novice developer about 10 minutes to fix. Since you can easily create your own print button on your own screen which prints the report in the correct orientation, while the button on the Report Viewer does not print in the proper orientation, why not just add a print button event on the Crystal Viewer so you can call your own C# or other language code?? This seems silly that people have been complaining about this BUG for many years with no solution. Yes, it is a bug. It's silly that even in the latest version this is still not fixed. Just expose an event that can be fired on the pressing of the print button and the problem will be solved once and for all. You can always add a manual print button which would expose the event and show the button. Since there is already a hide print button option for the buggy version. You can have a manual print button that allows the exposed event to fire. Seriously we are talking about only 10 minutes of coding here on your part.