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Dec 03, 2019 at 11:35 AM

Adobe FORM : layout lost during the night !!


Hello Adobe expert,

I'm facing a weird issue.

It's the second time that I lost the layout of one of my adobe during the night !! (it not an interactive one)

Yesterday at 17h30 (= date of last change) I had my last changes in the "layout" tab.

This morning after open the Adobe : layout empty (context all OK)

The last time (22/10) I had exactly the same problem on the same Adobe.

I precise that the "last change is still on 02/12 at 17h30" in the Adobe and the TR (treansport request) is still "modifiable"...

I searched but ...found nothing special to explain that !

I only had the case on 1 Adobe ... but I really don't know why this issue ?!!

is there somebody who had this case too ?

is there something especially to check (on ECC, ADS server, LiveCycle, VPN, ... other ?) to help finding a solution.

thanks for your help anyway.