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Nov 29, 2019 at 11:07 AM

SCPI - Convert XML to Plain Text error


Hello everyone,

I got a problem with my SCPI project, i have to convert an XML to a plain text and set the result text in a property.

I follow various tutorial and in particular this:



In the tutorial i have to insert a content modifier and inside "converter class" with value "com.equalize.converter.core.XML2DeepPlainConverter", but if i test it requires this mandatory parameters: recordsetStructure and defaultFieldSeparator

If i fill the mandatory parameters with test value it gives me this error:

> com.equalize.converter.core.util.ConverterException: Record Type TransactionDetail not listed in parameter 'recordsetStructure'

How i can solve it? I try to search but for now i didn't find correct value for recordsetStructure and defaultFieldSeparator

Thanks a lot a regards,