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Nov 28, 2019 at 05:35 AM

How to identify query created on info provider.


Hi BW Experts,

I would like to know what are the reports created in one infoprovider.

Below are steps i have done already.

-> In RSRT, i searched the Infoarea -> Infoprovider. Under that, No query is showing

-> In Query designer, i searched with Infoarea, No query is showing.

-> Checked in table, RSRREPDIR. Given the infoprovider in Infocube field and found one entry is available.

As i checked the data,

=> COMPUID is showing !!AXXX (XXX is the DSO name) => Type of reporting component as REP. Can you please guide me, whether report is created on this infoprovider. I can see the entry in table alone and NOT finding query in RSRT and query designer. Please suggest is there any other way to identify any queries are created on the infoprovider. If no queries are created, I can use Never Create SIDs in DSO settings.