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Nov 28, 2019 at 05:14 PM

System setting does not allow changes to be made to object DEVC PACKAGE1



I created a service Instance in SAP CP, which I embedded in Eclipse- as an "ABAP Cloud Project". A few packages are already populated (see pic1.png ).

But when I tried to create "PACKGE1" as a Sub ABAP Package of "ZLOCAL" (see pic2.png) I got a message that system settings don't allow changes to my ABAP package PACKAGE1 (see pic3.png)

My questions are: Which system settings are meant and what needs to be adjusted?

(I'm working with an SAP Cloud Plattform Trail Account.)

Thanks in Advance


pic1.png (36.3 kB)
pic2.png (23.0 kB)
pic3.png (15.0 kB)