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Nov 27, 2019 at 03:01 PM

FIORI Object Page : Create or Edit Key field



I created a Fiori List Report with ABAP, CDS, BOPF, I can Create, Delete, Update records without problems.

In my Object Page when I edit the records, I can edit the Key Fields in the screen.
But when I'm saving, the adaptations are not saved for the Key Fields.
I thinks it's Ok, we can't change the Keys fields. I can live with that.

Now I want to change the displaying of these Key fields, something like "ReadOnly" (gray out).
But If I use the annotation "@ObjectModel.readOnly: true" in my Business Object definition, when I click on "Create" the Key Fields are also in ReadOnly...

My key fields must be available for creation and readonly for edition.
Is it possible ?