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Dec 01, 2019 at 04:49 PM

PPM - Process of Financial Planning in a Bucket


Hi Experts,

I want to understand the process of Financial planning in Bucket.

Although I have gone through SAP help but could not understand completely.

What is the purpose of "Initial Amount" for a Group and Distribution Amount? Attached screen shot.

Do both have same purpose? How both are linked to each other?

Normally, the long projects may run for more than 1 year. How would we forecast the costs for those many years all together?

When we move to next year and there is another project running till another year, do we need to extend the period (or finish date) for Financial planning?

I believe, the Financial planning is forecasted every year for a Bucket/Item (From-To data need to be changed every year). The value of respective year can be added to previous year Financial planning by choosing "Action Type" as "Add".


Best regards,