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Sap Solution Manager recovery of saptools

Feb 14, 2017 at 09:29 AM


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Hello Sybase experts,

I'm relatively new to the Sybase database and a bit unsure about the impact of recovery of one of the database parts in the Solution Manager instance.
We ran in the following situation with the saptools DB on our Solman ASE database:

00:0002:00000:00029:2017/02/08 01:35:01.81 server Uninitialized logical page '144128' was read while accessing database 'saptools' (5), object '' (99),00:0005:00000:00045:2017/02/08 22:45:01.47 server Error: 692, Severity: 20, State: 100:0005:00000:00045:2017/02/08 22:45:01.47 server Uninitialized logical page '144128' was read while accessing database 'saptools' (5), object '' (99), index '<Unknown>' (0), partition '<Unknown>' (99). Please contact SAP Technical Support.

SAP support proposed up to now to execute following SQL :
1> use saptools
2> go
1> select name from sysobjects where id=99
2> go

(0 rows affected)
1> select firstpage, rootpage, datoampage, indoampage
2> from syspartitions where id=99
3> go
firstpage rootpage datoampage indoampage
---------- ---------- ---------- ----------
(0 rows affected)

Are there any risks when I just try to recover the saptools database to an earlier dump (a couple of days before the error)?
What are additional options (like e.g. dbcc commands)?
Are there dependencies of the saptools DB to the other DB's and how to handle them?

Thanks for any help.



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Sybase Advantage Database is a different product from Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise. I have changed the primary tag on your post so that the right people will see it.


Mike Loop
Senior Support Engineer
SAP Product Support

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1 Answer

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Former Member Mar 22, 2017 at 08:52 AM

Thanks Mike,

however, is the recovery of a database so different on both types?

Nevertheless my problem was solved by applying a template to an newly created database which is available via the DBACockpit.

Before this I had a problem also when I recovered the database and the error "Uninitialized logical page" was still in that recovered DB.
Could this be prevented by specifying a full check in the dump command?



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