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Dec 01, 2019 at 06:32 AM

How do I set up a configuration for ABAP development?


Does anyone have any *relevant*, 2019/09 documentation on how to set up an ABAP environment.

I've been doing software development for over 10 years. And in so many programming environments, all you need to do is download a compiler, a text editor, and away you go.

Even (with their Trailhead certification) can get you going and programming in APEX.

But with SAP and ABAP, good luck. There is so little cohesive and updated documentation, broken links to web page configurations, and the assumption to run an enterprise SAP environment already. Really? Your assumption is based on we already have an environment up and going?

But seriously, all the helpful blogs, all the recent posts, don't even complete close to setting up a proper SAP cloud environment with configuration settings to plug in to Eclipse and getting a project created.