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Nov 28, 2019 at 05:23 PM

Unwanted Events triggered - In ME29N Workflow


Hi Experts,

I am rejecting the purchase order but along with required events - one unwanted event is also triggered. I spent time on this but not able to trace from where it's triggers. Same is not at all triggers in Quality system while I am looking almost all the event linkage and workflow event trigger condition, check FM all are same.

Could anyone please help me on this urgently - due to this one extra unnecessary work item created. I am sharing SWEL screen shots. and the process I follow to reject PO.

Please check the screen shot both system comparison shared for the same action - Reject and Cancel Reject.

Thanks in advance for quick help!




reject.png (311.4 kB)
swel-log.png (440.5 kB)