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Nov 27, 2019 at 08:52 AM

Forms SAP FSM - JasperReports: Availability in App & Deletion of Forms


Hi all,

I have 2 general question in regards to a basic understanding of forms in SAP FSM with JasperReports.

I read the documentation and tried to create a form and use it for checklists in the FSM app. With following points I am struggling with.

  • Availablity in the app: Per Default the app is offline. I tested to fill out a checklist and print it with my custom form. What I recognized is, that I can't see custom forms while filling out the checklist and for closed checklists in the activity. There only the standard "checklist" form is available. Only for open checklists in the activity I see my custom forms and can use them to print the checklist. Why? Or whats the standard process when the activity is print by the technician in which status of the checklist?
  • Deletetion of forms: I created some custom checklists in JasperReport and uploaded them to Coresystems Cloud. Now, some I don't need anymore. How to delete the form from Coresystem Cloud? In JasperReports I just have 2 options upload and download...


Regards, Deborah