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Nov 27, 2019 at 08:22 AM

Cache Problem on Fiori Apps by Single Users


Hello together,

during a bugfix regarding a Fiori App, we noticed at the side from a colleague that the status of his App was not updated regarding the bugfix that was deployed to the gateway. Only after clearing the cache from his SAP user the application update itself after refresh on the browser.

This can lead to significant problems as:

  • Users work with old stands without knowing this
  • The user also receives no error message
  • As a result of the missing error message the IT gets no feedback about the problem

Unfortunately, we can not, as already discussed, every night empty the cache of the entire gateway.
Because on the one hand, the load of the gateway would be too high for parallel calls from thousands of users at the next morning, also it is a pain for the user regarding long loading times, because they need to reload all js libraries.

Question is now where does this problem come from, is this problem known to somebody and is there already a solution to this problem?

Best regards