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Nov 27, 2019 at 08:59 AM

Redownloading a Report using VBA But leaving Existing Reports Untouched (MS Excel)


Hello, I am designing and overseeing a program that is used in MS Excel. Currently the user will enter their desired parameters into cells on a worksheet, and these will be pushed through to Analysis for Office using VBA once the user has clicked a button which links to the SAP vba macro.

After pushing these through, 4 reports are downloaded through SAP onto separate worksheets within the workbook. These reports can be modified by the user how they like. After using the program for several hours, one of the four reports needs to be redownloaded depending on how the program is used. How do you go about only downloading one of the four reports and not all four reports again? We just want one of the 4 reports to be redownloaded. Thus preserving the users changes they've made to the other 3 reports.

Thank you