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Editing Extended Collection object properties

I am extending the metamodel in powerdesigner and have added an Extended collection to a metaclass

this showsup as a form on the instance of the metaclass and i can add objects to the collection based on the target object type - all works fine till here.

I need to update a certain property on all the objects in the collection and i cannot do that from the collection tab.

I am forced to open each object and update the property.

Is there a way to enable editing from the collection tab ? or to enable an excel upload?

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1 Answer

  • Posted on Nov 29, 2019 at 01:08 PM


    unfortunately, you cannot modify objects through extended collections in PowerDesigner. For simplifying the following recommendation, I wil assume that your metaclass is Table and members of your ext.collections are Views. What I see now, you have two options:

    1) You will gather your views in List report(s). You can edit their attributes through List reports. The thing here is that you might need to filter this list in order to see only views attached to one and only one table at a time.To achieve this, you might need to add computed extended attribute to View metaclass, which will contain string-based list of all tables that your view is connected to (through ext.collection mentioned by you).

    2) You can use ext.composition instead of ext.collection. Members of ext.composition are ExtendedSubObjects. This ExtSubObject will have one ext.attribute, which will keep object connection to appropriate View. So it has to be Object type of ext.attribute. Then you can directly edit for example comment of this ExtSubObject directly in your ext.composition and make Validate event handler of the ExtSubObject to sync to the comment of attached view. It doesn`t have to be comment-comment sync, you can do it ext.attribute-ext.attribute sync if you need to. However this solution might inflate your model size and perhaps slow down opening your model a bit if you use it for higher numbers of ext.Collection member.

    For excel import, you can always use standard ExcelImport extension, but before going out from PowerDesigner, I`d suggest these two options first.



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