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Nov 21, 2019 at 04:19 PM

SAP B1 HANA Installation - Can't select SLD


We had SAP B1 for MSSQL: 930.150.05 and we setup SLD while installation of SAP B1 for MSSQL (on Windows Server 2016)

Now we want to setup SAP B1 for HANA(B1H 9.3 930.200.10) on the same server

We setup HANA Express 2.0 SPS04 on our Linux server and it's accessible from HANA Studio
Now we want to insall SAP B1 For HANA 9.3 on our Windows server. First of all we can't Install Local SLD but when we select Remote SLD (which installed from ServerTools for SAP B1 for MSSQL: 930.150.05) got following error:

The version of the SLD on specified remote server is outdated.

How we can install SAP B1 for HANA(B1H 9.3 930.200.10) and where we can find correct SLD version installation.
What is correct installation flow in our case (when we want to have SAP B1 for MSSQL and SAP B1 for HANA on same machine)?