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Nov 26, 2019 at 11:39 AM

IDOC not processed. Error:0002 billing documents were created for external document (DeliveryXXXX)


Hi Experts,

We have self billing process in place where self billing (SBINV) idocs are sent from customer for a delivery.

Depending upon the incoming SBINV idoc a billing document is created by system on IDoc reception.

If the delivery is being processed, IDocs can not be processed and fall into error.

However when we try to reprocess the Self billing IDoc even after coming out of the reference document (Delivery) the idoc is falling into error :0002 billing documents were created for external document XXXXXX, While no invoice is created for the delivery.

On reprocessing the idocs, same error persists.

Usually after reprocessing, idoc goes to status 53 and displays the billing document number which was created (E.g.: XXXX billing doc was created for external document XXXX )

Please suggest a solution so as to process the IDocs.

Please find IDoc status record screenshot attached.

Many Thanks in advance,



capture.png (24.8 kB)