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BFC 10: Formula not working for analysis dimension

Hi Experts,

We're using BFC 10 SP16. We recently noticed an issue with a simple formula for calculation of an AC. Formula as below where PL is an Analysis Dimension.

{AC =X ; FL = Y99 ; PL in %} = {AC = Y}

The issue is that the formula only does not seem to calculate the value for a PL=V.

Both accounts have the same dimensional analyses. We recently changed the dimensional analysis for these accounts as below after which we noticed this issue



PL Filter B (does not include member V)

PL Filter C

Previous dimensional analysis during which the formula was working without any issues


PL Filter A (included PL member V)

PL Filter C

This formula does not show up in the validation report for the category scenario as well & seems to work fine for PL members in the other 2 filters in the dimensional analysis. I'm aware that the user guide mentions the below but it clearly states that % will be accepted for analysis dimensions.

'Formula syntax must conform to the dimensional analysis and use the same syntax for filters or elementary values. Only % can be accepted otherwise.'

We have currently created 3 separate formulae using same values/ filters as the dim analysis to fix this but would really appreciate in case anybody has experienced such an issue previously & the reasons that explain this behaviour.


Manas Phadke

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