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Nov 19, 2019 at 07:56 AM

How to optimize this query ? Explain Plan attached


Hi Experts,

I am running this query and its getting failed automatically after 1 hour of execution with below error. This happen every time I run this query,

"current operation cancelled by request and transaction rolled back: Canceled operator: GroupBy::do_open, operator bid: 71"

FROM "_SYS_BIC"."" as cons
LEFT JOIN "_SYS_BIC"."" as Sec
ON cons."LEVEL_1_NAME_" = Sec."LEVEL_1_NAME"
AND cons."LEVEL_2_NAME_" = Sec."LEVEL_2_NAME"
AND cons."LEVEL_3_NAME_" = Sec."LEVEL_3_NAME"
AND cons."LEVEL_4_NAME_" = Sec."LEVEL_4_NAME"
AND cons."LEVEL_5_NAME_" = Sec."LEVEL_5_NAME"
AND cons."LEVEL_6_NAME_" = Sec."LEVEL_6_NAME"

Please download Explain plan from below link. I am not able to attach Excel file here.!AgfVABjBZ74IgTUnffTAfsvNuGm8?e=tTyzbv

Can you please help me to optimize it ?