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Nov 18, 2019 at 03:49 PM

Analysis Authorization Data is blank in RSECADMIN or RSECAUTH


Hello Experts,

We have upgraded our BW system to 7.50 SP 15. After upgrade we have noticed that, there is no InfoObject data in analysis authorization while checking in RSECADMIN or RSECAUTH but all data showing in table RSECVAL.

While checking further, we found that, there is no data in RSECVAL_STRING and RSECHIE_STRING which gets updated during upgrade. We found below note for this issue but its applicable until SP 06.

2324035 - After you upgrade to BW 7.40/BW 7.50, analysis authorizations are missing in the tables RSECVAL_STRING and RSECHIE_STRING

2387092 - Enhancement to correction report from SAP Note 2370622

2370622 - Missing entries in authorization tables after upgrade to BW 7.40 or higher

Could you please suggest how to resolve this issue?