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Nov 18, 2019 at 04:57 AM

Production Order cost from Work Center Activities



We created a Production Order for Quantity 10 PAC.

The Routing for the Material has one operation with Machine and Labour rates for 24hrs each agaist Base Quantity of 10,000 PAC (image attached) routing.png. The rates is set as Rs 100 for each activity.

Based on our calculation when 10 PAC are confirmed, then each activity will consume 0.024Hrs for 10hrs (based on Routing) and a value/cost of Rs 2.4 each thus Rs 4.8 in total will be actual cost.Till this point its all Ok.

My query is when I run the tcode S_ALR_87013620 to see the actual cost on Cost Center (the one assigned to the Routing's Workcenter) it shows negative 4.8 (-4.8 image attached for actual line item report). s-alr-report.png

Note for the image above: The confirmation was initially cancelled and then confirmed again

I was expecting positive 4.8 as actual cost incurred on the Cost center. Please clarify




routing.png (34.9 kB)
s-alr-report.png (99.9 kB)