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Nov 18, 2019 at 10:26 PM

Provisioning Fails for Certain Users in Certain Repositories Only


I am running IDM 8 and I am trying to modify a users access via the IDM UI for a certain repository.
Provisioning shows as OK status but does not update the user in the ABAP system.
I get the following error

I have review the users account and can see that the use has the valid Priv_xc1010 only for that specific repository.
I also checked and the user has the System related priv assigned to them as well.

When I run the following sql statement I am able to see that the user does not have the Attrname for ACCOUNTXC1010

select*from idmv_value_basic_active where mskey ='45927'

How can I update this users account so that I can update use IDM to deprovision the users access?

I have tried to provision this user to other environments and it works no problem.

This user and others like it came in as part of an initial load.


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