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Nov 18, 2019 at 08:23 PM

PRT functionality in PP for process industries (work-around)



PRT functionality does not exist for process orders (i.e. PP-PI). I can see questions about this subject dating back many years.

Per note 350614, solution is to simply not use PRTs with process orders.

Can you suggest a work around for scenarios where you have a genuine production resource, for example, material which is re-used a certain number of times?

I find it hard to believe this requirement did not come up before for standard PP PI to handle.

I am developing a process to create an equipment PRT and record measurement points against it in order to count number of times PRT has been used. This will be a manual work around. I feel good about it, but, as you know, this is PM functionality, not PP.

Can you share thoughts / approaches you took? Any idea which future release of S/4 will have this functionality out of the box?