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Nov 14, 2019 at 11:27 PM

Branches: User get error on Outgoing payment No Matching records found G/L Accounts



I'm at a loss for why this error happens. I have a user who is assigned to Branch A and wants to enter a Outgoing Payment and as soon as they select the Payment Means, this error pops up: "No Matching records found 'G/L Accounts'"

Here is what I have troubleshooted so far:

- General Settings: Ticked Enable Data Ownership by Branch

- User setup: Un-ticked Ignore Data Ownership (When this is ticked I do not get the error - BUT we do not want this user to see other Branches data.

- Document settings: In/OutGoing payments: Ticked Activate Centralized Payment

- Branches: Entered Payment clearing account for Branches

- GL Mapping done on GL Accounts determination and Item Groups (Rounding, Price Difference, Exchange rate dif.

- A super user who is assigned to ALL branches does not get this error.

Your help would be much appreciated,