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Nov 19, 2019 at 08:09 PM

4.2 SP7 Webi RESTful Web Service Issue

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I'm working with a client who we recently upgraded from 4.2 SP5 to 4.2 SP7 patch 400. I am able to successfully log in through the RESTful web service and access any of the methods that are available through just biprws. I'm able to get information about a webi report's InfoObject using biprws/infostore/<si_id value>

However, when I try to do anything with "raylight", I get a 'Not Found (RWS 00005)" error. In particular, I'm trying to get some information about a Webi report using biprws/raylight/v1/documents/<si_id value> for the same report I'm able to get info for from the infostore interface.


2 web servers with a load balancer in front of them.
OS: Windows Server 2016 Datacenter
RAM: 10 GB
CPU: 12 cores
Virtual Machine
BOBJ 4.2 SP7 patch 400, Web only install
RESTful Web Services run through Tomcat
SSL configured in Tomcat.

I have applied the fix from, but that has not resolved the issue.

This is affecting my client's ability to connect to reports through Live Office and I would appreciate any assistance. Thanks!