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Nov 18, 2019 at 04:41 PM

Custom VIM DP document type from VIM BCC


Hello All,

We are already using VIM 7.5 SP7 and now in process of implementing VIM BCC . After Implementing BCC, In the initial tests its noticed that once we submit the data from Validation client , in SAP VIM the DP is getting created with standard VIM DP document type NPO_75 which is mentioned in the constant table , where was our requirement is to pick up the Custom DP document types we have been using. We have already done the basic set up like linking the Archive documet type to the Custom DP document type etc. We have basically two custom DP document types one for PO and other for Non PO. So is it something that we need to develop or write something custom logic to get the our custom DP doc type picked when the DP creation happens from BCC? I scanned through old blogs, was not able to find a clear answer. Please advise in case i missed it in older posts