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Nov 17, 2019 at 06:28 AM

EPMmemberOlapO value disappears after refresh


Hello Experts,

I have created an Asymmetric report.

Column Axis: Category,Time,Measure

Row Axis: Internal Order

ColumnI13= EPMOlapMemberO(I1,"[CATEGORY].[PARENTH1].[ACTUAL]","ACTUAL - Actual","","000;001;002;003;004;005;006;007;008;009;010")

Column I14=EPMOlapMemberO(I2,"[TIME].[PARENTH1].[TOTAL.2018]","TOTAL.2018 - 2018 Total","","000;001;002;003;004;005;006;007;008;009;010")

ColumnI15= = EPMOlapMemberO(I3,"[MEASURES].[].[PERIODIC]","PERIODIC - Periodic","","000;001;002;003;004;005;006;007;008;009;010")

And then there is an EPM Local Member to insert a Blank Col in Col H

Similarly K 14= EPMOlapMemberO(I2,"[TIME].[PARENTH1].[TOTAL.2018]","TOTAL.2018 - 2018 Total","","000;001;002;003;004;005;006;007;008;009;010")

And K15 = EPMOlapMemberO(I3,"[MEASURES].[].[PERIODIC]","PERIODIC - Periodic","","000;001;002;003;004;005;006;007;008;009;010")

The issue is with Column K13 = EPMOlapMemberO(K1,"[CATEGORY].[PARENTH1].[ACTUAL]","ACTUAL - Actual","","000;001;002;003;004;005;006;007;008;009;010").

As soon as I refresh the report this Column will never save the formula and it will be blank after refresh.

What am I doing wrong here?

This is already in place :

1. Switch off autofit column width.

2. Switch on repeat column headers

I have also attached the screen shots for better understanding.

Thank you so much in advance!!


Richa Pathak



i13.png (49.9 kB)
i14.png (60.1 kB)
i15.png (51.9 kB)