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Nov 13, 2019 at 04:02 PM

Can't Access Webi Through Live Office


BOBJ Version: BIP 4.2 SP7 Patch 4
Live Office Version: BIP 4.2 SP7
RESTful Web Services installed in Tomcat instead of running in WAC

One of my clients is having an issue that I am able to duplicate. In Excel, she is able to log in to the CMS through Live Office. However, she is unable to get data from any Webi report. She gets a RWS 00005 Not Found error. Searching for this error code only seems to bring up things about Lumira. She is able to run the Webi in BI Launchpad with no issues.

Because of the "RWS" in the error code, I'm assuming this is an error with a call to the RESTful Web Services. Using SOAPUI to connect to the RESTful web services, I'm able to get the X-SAP-LogonToken with no issues. I then put the token from the response header into the request header after removing the quotation marks and try to get details of the document she's trying to open, but for some reason it's saying that the token is invalid. I'm not sure whether this is what is causing the error in LO or whether there is something else going on.

What should I be looking at to try to figure this out?