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Nov 14, 2019 at 12:19 PM

HANA System Replication using internal hostnames

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I had HANA System Replication enabled between Primary (sapshdb001) and Secondary (sapshdb002) system using public network interface i.e. using same IP range that SAP application uses to connect to HANA. That worked completely fine.

I am now trying to secure HSR using separate internal network defined within HANA system topology by system_replication_hostname_resolution from global.ini and not /etc/hosts config.

As per Host Name Resolution for System Replication documentation, I've defined listeninterface parameter from system_replication_communication to .global and defined system_replication_hostname_resolution section as sapshdb002 - at System level on Primary system sapshdb001 - at System level on Secondary system

As per documentation, above minimum configuration should have worked but I see erros in nameserver trace on Secondary as attached. I've also raised incident with SAP with no resolution as yet. It would be really helpful to know if anyone have done similar setup and how.

Please Note: HANA release is 2.0 SP 04
Firewall at OS level is disabled on both Primary and Secondary, also there's no firewall between Priamry and Secondary. Again as I mentioned earlier, not using separate internal network but public, HSR had worked fine.


Best Regards,
Kashyap Shah