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Nov 12, 2019 at 03:20 PM

Imported excel template standard field value could not populated in byd system

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Hi Experts,

For my requirement, I have to enable the standard field(Product specification ID) in imported excel template for creation of new sales order in byd.

To do this, I have followed the various steps as follows,

1). Download the New sales order imported excel template in byd, go to Application and User Management--->Business flexibility--->Microsoft Office® Template Maintenance and search for new sales order template and download there.

2).Converted the excel file format to ZIP and then unzip, you will find xmlMaps.xml file in it and edit with notepad++.

3). And then I updated the part of the XML structure in order to make the field fully work. Look for “MaintainBundle” and you will find a tag called “Transformations” which will process the information from Excel to format the Web Service Creation and send the data to your ByD tenant and then I also added the simple piece of code for that standard field.

4). Saved the xml file and repack the file again to excel file, opens it.

5).In excel under developer tab, Click on Source and drag and drop the Product Specification ID field in the XML source.

6). Once we filled all necessary informations and click on Save data to(saved data to byd), Sales order ID "4102" has successfully created without any errors.See below image,

7). After successful creation, when I checked the just created sales order, the product specification ID has not getting populated in byd tenant,but the other fields like product id,quantity, etc.. are filled correctly. see below image salesorder.png,

Could you please guide me a right way to achieve this requirement?

Thanks in advance.

I have followed this blog,


xmlmaps.png (48.6 kB)
salesorder.png (69.8 kB)