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SAP Design Studio 1.6: How to halt/wait for user input from Dropdown...

Feb 14, 2017 at 07:46 AM


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Dear All,

I am working on SAP Design Studio 1.6 and I have about 20 dropdowns components to be displayed to the user in POPUP for his/her selection.

I am writing my scripting on a "Button" On Click event. Where I am getting all the variables from dropdowns and other dimensions to be passed on to Integrated Planning function before it get executed in a final script line PF_1.exectue(v1,v2,v3...).

But when I click on "Button" my scripts for On-Click event get executed and displays all the dropdowns and also executes entire scripting top to bottom and left to right and even final script line PF_1.exectue(v1,v2,v3...) gets executed with empty variables values from the dropdowns as they are being displayed and before user select its selection for the values of PF_1.exectue(v1,v2,v3...) it is already executed.

I want to halt/wait till the user selects a value from all dropdowns and then the next scripting lines should continue to be executed and Integrated Planning functions should be populated with variables values and finally executed with proper values for the variables.

1. I tried my best to find any loop (For/While) but as we do not have these in Design Studio and only has (FOREACH loop); but it is not helpful in my scenario.

2. Could you please guide/help me that how can I halt/wait for the user selection of values from all dropdowns and then finally be able to continue with the rest of my scripting till last line PF_1.exectue(v1,v2,v3...) executed.

Many thanks!

Tariq Ashraf

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Hi Tariq - have you considered using background processing to load the components? See

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1 Answer

Tariq Ashraf Feb 14, 2017 at 10:31 AM

Hello Tammy,

Thanks a lot for the reply. Actually, in my scenario I have about 30 dropdown components and I have to read a dimension from a crosstab and on the basis of this dimension value selected by user. I will show the relevant dropdown components say 20 out of 30. Then user will select further values from dropdown components and these values will be passed as variables to my Planning Function. And everything is happening behind the one "Button" On-Click event. But I need to pause/halt/wait in the script till user selects all values and then pass on to the Planning Function in the final line(script).

Many thanks!

Kind Regards,

Tariq Ashraf

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