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Nov 08, 2019 at 10:54 AM

Where does MIGO store the GI GR reference link?


Dear All,

We have been developing custom transaction codes for Split Valuation to do "Goods Issue" and "Goods Receipt" like MIGO, since we are dealing with various Valuation Types during our process.

My question is, when a Goods Issued material (Ex: Material no: 810 from Plant 0101 to Plant 0105), once received using MIGO, if we try to receive the same Material Document again, it shows a error pop-up screen stating that the "Batch ******* has already been posted in stock". Check this image migo.jpg for your reference.

I believe MIGO stores some reference data somewhere to perform this validation. Can anyone tell me where and how does this reference data gets stored (Table or Dynamic checking or etc...). I need this option to be implemented in our custom transaction to check the link between Movement type 351 and 101.

Please help me...




migo.jpg (39.6 kB)