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Nov 12, 2019 at 11:41 PM

[BUG]SCP Workflow Inbox Expert mode does not work


After following the procedure shown in (Create and Customize a new My Inbox Tile) I could still not get the expert mode to work. This was especially confusing because it worked some time ago. When I opened the tile in the launchpad with the specified configuration I found something like:

I found the parameters quite interesting so I checked this part: expertMode=%255Bobject%2520Object%255D

After url decoding it once I got: expertMode=%5Bobject%20Object%5D

After a second url decode I got: expertMode=[object Object]

This seems like classical issue with setting a parameter. If I just overwrite the URL for the launchpad by setting expertMode=true the expert view works.

Therefore I assume that this is a bug and that this parameter needs to be set directly to the boolean value.

This also fits to the current configuration shown in the documentation. For enabling the expert view it is suggested to set:


Seems like quite some value attributes used here. I could not find any documentation to the structure and allowed values here, so maybe this is sound. The documentation also states that the documentation for the Launchpad in Workflows was changed last week which may point to other changes.

Please advise if this is really a bug or if I may oversee something here.