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Nov 11, 2019 at 12:50 AM

Minimum Days of Supply and Minimum Receipt Days of Supply

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Hi Experts,

I would like to get clarified on the 2 fields in the planning tab of the material master.

1. Minimum Days of Supply

2. Minimum Receipt Days of Supply

I want to know why we use these 2 fields and can anyone explain this in detail.



I already know the definitions so please don't revert with the definitions.

Minimum days of supply- A threshold value that indicates the lowest level a days of supply key figure is allowed to fall to.

The system creates exceptions for the key figure based on this threshold.

Minimum receipt days of supply- The amount of time during which the stock and receipt of material in a supply planning area must cover requirements. If the requirements are not fulfilled within this period of time, the system triggers an exception. Customer-specific settings can be used to define which stocks and material receipts are taken into account.