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Nov 06, 2019 at 10:18 AM

Ariba connectivity issue


Hello Experts,

I have question related to Ariba connectivity with SAP PI.

The scenario is inbound and Ariba send order data and at ECC Idoc ORDER05 get created.

We are using HTTP_AAE adapter and maintain URL at Ariba portal and Ariba IP address also white listed.

We check the URL from external tool and it working fine.

But when we are sending order from Ariba portal is ended with error.


PO-65: An exception occurred in the PO Dispatcher when sending the order using the cXML order method.
Order Type: OrderRequest.New
Routing Method: cXML

URL: https://xxxxxx/HttpAdapter/HttpMessageServlet?int

Any advice or guidance on this would be appreciated.


ariba-error.png (155.5 kB)