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Stories becoming Unresponsive & getting corrupt

Hi All,

We have seen a very strange situation where change in model is making existing stories unresponsive and we can no longer use them.

We are using LIVE connection and our Model is based on Calculative View create in HANA. As soon as we remove or alter any of the calculated columns in the View the Story built using the associated model starts throwing error.

Error 1 : [Application Error] : Cannot read property 'rows' of undefined.

Error 2: Dimension is missing from the model.

Error 3 : Datasource goes blank

Note: The Dimensions removed were not used or pulled anywhere in the story which makes it strange.

Has anyone else encountered this kind of error?

Its really causing a lot of rework and can no longer be editable.

Please provide suggestions for the same.


Kiran Shenvi

story-errors.png (105.6 kB)
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  • Hi John,

    Actually, the Linked Icon appears only when it goes in Hang State (its disguising as I haven't used any linking in it).

    Also, with the same model but new story it works perfectly fine. This also hints that there were no issues with the model changes.

    Only the story which was already built gets impacted.

    The only peculiar thing is the first pop-up is the error message

    [Application Error] : Cannot read property 'rows' of undefined.

    which isn't expected. If we can get info from dev team around this it will be of great help!

    When dimensions/measures are removed we are expected to get first error messages as

    A dimension in the model no longer exists: Column_name


    Kiran Shenvi

  • Hi Kiran,

    Were you able to resolve this?


  • Hi John,

    Currently our client will be upgrading to SPS12 from SPS10 which is in present.

    We will keep an eye on how it behaves in future.

    But yes for stories which got corrupted earlier we had no choice other than to recreate them again.

    Another new case which we encountered was with story filter.

    As suggested by you we have raised ticket with SAP Support.


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1 Answer

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    Feb 15, 2017 at 08:52 PM

    Hi Kiran,

    In general, you will need to adjust your story for any newly added/removed attributes (columns) and measures.

    The Data Source (model) should not get dropped and I believe that may be a bug.

    When I tried this out myself, I got warnings/errors but the I was still able to modify the story and my model was still attached to the story.


    Server Error

    A dimension in the model no longer exists: DEVICEID. It has been removed from the table.


    Server Error Caught

    exception : exception 70034051: Error during plan execution; \$message\$=Error during plan execution;Failed to find column 'CC_1' in itab.

    For now can you create a new model or re-test this to see if the issue persists?


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