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Feb 14, 2017 at 07:09 AM

Stories becoming Unresponsive & getting corrupt


Hi All,

We have seen a very strange situation where change in model is making existing stories unresponsive and we can no longer use them.

We are using LIVE connection and our Model is based on Calculative View create in HANA. As soon as we remove or alter any of the calculated columns in the View the Story built using the associated model starts throwing error.

Error 1 : [Application Error] : Cannot read property 'rows' of undefined.

Error 2: Dimension is missing from the model.

Error 3 : Datasource goes blank

Note: The Dimensions removed were not used or pulled anywhere in the story which makes it strange.

Has anyone else encountered this kind of error?

Its really causing a lot of rework and can no longer be editable.

Please provide suggestions for the same.


Kiran Shenvi


story-errors.png (105.6 kB)