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Nov 04, 2019 at 10:41 AM

Materials in Project.



Need your help in the below,

1)My client is in construction business..there will be n number of activities,which needs the same material.Eg-Cement.How to generate a single PR..(With collective PR indicator PR number will be same with multiple line items.Client does't want this.We have to consolidate in one line item only.

2)Preliminary PR-When I plan the long delivery time materials in one activity with item category "L"- with "Preliminary Purchase Request" it generates a PR.Now I'll budget the project.After PO,goods will be received.When I try to consume this material in another activity with "Reservation " system is asking the equivalent budget.Actually this should not happen as per the preliminary PR functionality..Any setting in config is required?

please let me know..

Thanks !!