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Nov 03, 2019 at 05:29 PM

Business Partner for Ariba and ECC6 EHP8 integration



We are working on Ariba and ECC6 EHP8 integration though CIG and ECC is not on HANA database.

New Supplier Life cycle and Performance (SLP) module of Ariba requires Business Partner functionality to be activated in ECC for Vendors.Need help in following scenarios:

Case 1:Transfer existing Vendors from ECC to Ariba

Program:ARBCIG_MASTER_DATA_EXPORT transfers ECC vendors into Ariba.

Do we need to activate settings for Vendor->BP conversion and covert vendors into BP to use above program or we can directly transfer ECC Vendors into Ariba.

Case 2:Transfer Newly created Vendors from Ariba to ECC

Once Vendor is created in Ariba,Business partner gets created in ECC.

Do we need to run MDS_LOAD_COCKPIT to convert BP into Vendor or automatically BP->Vendor conversion takes place if configuration is maintained in ECC.

If automatic conversion is not possible Do we have any batch job which can be scheduled to convert BP->Vendor.