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Nov 06, 2019 at 04:01 PM

D&G specifications - ESTVP duplicate records (EHS module)


Dear Experts,

I would like to ask you whether or not this is normal functionality that I have several duplicates in ESTVP (EHS: Value Assignment Item table) when we are comparing records with RECNROOT (Seq. record number) and RECNCMP (Comp. spec. header) fields. The issue of duplication is not a problem as long as the values (COMPAVG) are identical, but in many case they are not.

So let's say I want to display the composition values of a certain substance. CG02 shows me 3 records with values A, B and C Mg values. However, in the database I find 6 records altogether: A, B, C values (displayed in CG02) and D, E, F values too.

I have debugged CG02 extensively and the system does find 6 records to display for simply 3 composition records. And the program doesn't seem to be prepared for:

A; finding multiple entries selecting from ESTVP based on RECNROOT and RECNCMP fields

B; even if the above happens doesn't seem to be bothered these records having different value (COMPAVG) fields

So CG02 simply selects and displays the first 3 records found and doesn't care about the other 3 records.

I would need to know whether this is DB inconsistency or not because I have a custom (Z) report to be fixed, but that report always find different values compared to CG02. (CG02 finds A-B-C records, custom report finds D-E-F records for the same specification. Custom report, written by someone else, also does not seem to be prepared for this duplication.)

I have made a program in test system to see how many records are affected by this possible inconsistency and found hundreds. The first 3 columns of this check report demonstrates my problem.

Please note that this system is a result of a carve-out project, my SAP instance has been carved out from a greater SAP instance recently this is why I am suspecting DB inconsistency in the background.

I am a technical person so forgive me for this maybe too technical description of the problem.

Best regards,



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