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Nov 05, 2019 at 02:34 PM

DWF: Strange behavior of RecordMode in NDSO

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I have some issues with delta loading to NDSO. The RecordMode logic works differently than it's described in documents about NDSO, presentations and so on.

I use an example like in default DWF template (DWF 2.0 SP05) which loads data from table to NDSO. First dataset has 4 lines, second dataset has two lines with the same sales order numbers as in the first dataset and RecordMode = 'A'. As I understood examples from documents, RecordMode = 'A' should work like "additive", i.e. add the values from the 2nd dataset to the value in active table. But in my case it works like "After Image" - it overwrites the previous value.

So what is the normal behavior of NDSO in such case? And what may be wrong in my dataflow? Thanks.

1.Initial load

Source data:

Active table after activation:

Change log:

2.Delta load

Inbound table before activation:

Active table after activation:

Change log:


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