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Nov 04, 2019 at 03:49 PM

Screen Personas 3.0 SP09 - hover over button (color change) does not work


Dear Experts,

After upgrade from SP07 to SP09 all of my custom buttons created in flavor are not working properly. When I hover my mouse over these buttons, hover fill color is missing (grey one is visible) and even if I change it - nothing happens. So, basically it's not possible to set any value for hover color (enabled color works fine and it's possible to change it).

Default button collor:

Current hover color (wrong):

Wanted hover color (correct):

(slightly lighter blue than in default color; it used to work in SP07)

Do you know what is the root cause and how can I fix it? All SAP Notes related with Screen Personas are up to date.

Help is more than welcome!

Best regards,



1.png (1.5 kB)
2.png (1.2 kB)
3.png (1.3 kB)