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Nov 04, 2019 at 10:16 AM

MQC formula for Pharma Industry


Dear Experts,

I am trying to use MQC in pharma environment. Need to know the formula for below BOM

Where material 0010 is active and material 0020 is Excipient. All setting is done against active material like batch classification etc maintain at 100% potency. Base qty of the bom is 60 KG.

Now system should calculate on the basis of Active potency. If Active potency is less than 100 then active qty should increase and excipient should decrease.

I used formula for above case 49.404-CQSM(002;002) system is calculating Active qties correctly but excipient is not right.

Please suggest formula if any thing is wrong.




mqc.png (30.2 kB)