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Nov 01, 2019 at 11:02 AM

Deep nested xml to flat rfixed length file java mapping uisng SAX parser - (highvolume interface )


Hello Expert,

Hope doing well ! request for help in java mapping section with SAX parser to handle deep nested XML to flat fixed length conversion .

I am having requirement to build interface which having deep nested xml structure(output of graphical mapping ) ( with nested uptu 7-8 level with multiple occurrence in inner structure ) which I am not able to convert using standard content conversion /message transformation bean , so achieve expected fixed length file , I need to go for java mapping with SAX parser , so request expert suggestion and help here to develop the java mapping for this requirement ,I am new to java mapping hence looking details inputs to develop this logic .

Below is structure of output of first message mapping .

FileHeader (1..)
RecordDetails (1..unbounded)
RecordHeader (1..1)
Field1, field2..
RecordRecords (1..unbounded)
RouteHeader (1..)
Field3, field4..
RouteDetails (1..unbounded)
CustomerRecord (1..unbounded)
field5, field6..
RecordSet (1..unbounded)
Field7, field8..
ReadingRecord (1..unbounded)
Field1, field2..
SpecialTextRecord (1..)
Field1, field2..
OpticalRecord (1..)
Field1, field2..
CustomerExtraRecord (1..1)
Field1, field2..
RouteTrailer (1..1)
Field1, field2..
CyTrailer (1..1)
Field1, field2..
FileTrailer (1..1)
Field1, field2..

appreciate your help in advance.

Thanks !