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Nov 05, 2019 at 07:37 AM

How can I use Cloud Platform Integration call a public webservice and send response to my email


  • There is a public web service, That is input Chinese mobile number and response the mobile base info.



The following picture is I used SoapUI test result.

  • Then I deploy it into the CPI, That is ok! I used postman test it.
  • Postman:

  • Now I want to add a function, I need to send that response to my Email.
  • I change the flow like this.

  • I don't know whether I used the request-reply component, or if I used it correctly!
  • Is it used to execute a service call and get response?
  • Now,When I deploy it, It is error. I don't what is the problem, and I don't what can I do.

Monitor message tell me is error, but service deployed, and I did not receive the mail.

  • I think the mail set is right, if I delete the request-reply component and connect end to reciver1 use mail adapter, I can get mail, but the mail content is soap request, not response, so that means the service is not call.


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