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Nov 01, 2019 at 08:39 AM

Purchase Order to create Outbound Delivery Order with incorrect quantity


I have a case as below, hope to get some advice or help on this.

In my workplace, Purchase Order(PO) - STO is created via background job with 30K pcs and DO is created via PO also by background job (t-code VL10D). However in the creation of the DO which refers to the PO the DO quantity become 44k pcs.

When check on the PO delivery Tabs, the "Overdeliv.Tol.' and 'Underdel.Tol' is 0%, and it happens once in a while, which was untraceable, when the case is perform via foreground or manually.

May I get some advice on where or what may be the possibility that I can check?

Thank you.