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Oct 31, 2019 at 03:35 AM

Parked docs using enjoy screen FB60/FV60- Payment Methods Dropped in FBV0


Parked document using enjoy screen FB60/FV60 (parked or parked as completed).

After the documents are parked, the Payment Method exists on the Document in FBV3. However, when I use FBV0 to Post the Parked Document, the Payment Method is overwritten with a Blank (dropped).

This only happened when system responses below message. I tested several times and found a trend. Only when I enter FBV0 screen and click enter first to get below message. Instead of click enter to pass the message, I click "Payment" tab. After I click "payment" tab, the message shows second time and I will need to click enter to pass the screen to let the screen goes to "Payment" tab. Once I see "Payment" tab, Payment Method is showing with a Blank. We have a validation to check payment document can't be blank (BKPF-BLART = 'KR' AND BSEG-KOART = 'K'). So we found this issue.

Check whether document has already been entered under number 1000 5000193788 2019

Field status at posting keys and in GL master for payment related fields are all set as optional. (Actually I don't see payment method field in field status screen)

The company has a special case, we need to input payment method in every AP transaction. The payment method field in vendor master is suppress.

Any possible root cause about this issue? Are there any possible solution for this?