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Oct 30, 2019 at 06:21 PM

Sales Order qty not getting confirmed



I have entered a product ABC (plant 123) with qty 1 in sales order but it is showing as 0 confirmed.

I checked in CO09, there is more than 100 ATP qty available for this material/plant/sloc combination but my order is not confirmed.

I checked in MD04 and my order is showing with requested qty 1- and available qty is 100+.

Actually i can see in CO09 and MD04 that none of the sales orders for ABC (plant 123) are confirmed, only the contracts are confirmed even though plenty of stock is available to confirm both contracts and sales orders.

I ran the rescheduling job as well but still confirmed qty has not changed. I am using custom checking group and checking rule B0.

As a workaround I manually confirmed my order in CO06 (test system) but I would really like to understand why SAP did not confirm it automatically.