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Nov 02, 2019 at 01:37 PM

How to change wrong profit center assigned to a cost center master data?


Hello,we had created a cost center and assigned wrong profit center to it. Some entries were posted already to this Cost center, but we managed to reverse all of them,both in Financial and Controlling. Now the balance under FI and CO for this cost center is zero. How can we change the wrongly assigned Profit center. When we try we are getting the following error.

Message no. FAGL_ORG_UNITS011

Diagnosis :You want to change the profit center from 975 to 975. However, this is not permitted because transaction data either already exists for the account assignment object or could exist at the time when the change takes effect in the system. Changing the profit center in this instance can lead to inconsistencies in Financial Accounting.

We had tried to create new analysis period and assign new PC to the the cost center with the new analysis period but again it doesn't allow us, as there were transactions on the old PC within this new period.